September 2021 update:


Our first production run of 25 rifles are nearing completion for delivery to customers. This has been slightly later than planned as we have had to design and manufacture more components in house than we hoped - quality British component parts are simply not available. This means that all of the rimfire bolt internals are not made in house, as is the muzzle brake, and magazines and lower receiver components are undergoing prototyping. Our aim for 2022 is to manufacture all component parts in the UK to be able to supply lower kits and calibre conversions for your AR15.

We are currently working as hard as we can to supply as many rifles as possible for the Target Shooting Show at Stoneleigh NAEC in November. We look forward to seeing you there!

Base rifle £1,850 for all calibres

Ordering your rifle

The fastest way to enquire about ordering your rifle is via email at We are currently taking orders for rifles, although we will not take deposits until completed rifles are ready for shipping or collection. For any registrations of interest in the rifle or to enquire about yours, please email us so that we can discuss your needs.


All rifles will be sold in standard form with Magpul stock and pistol grip, t2 Battle Grey Cerakote and Chrome Moly barrels in fixed lengths (see our Rifles page). Barrel length and material, Cerakote colour, and furniture can all be adapted to suit your rifle build, although this will take more time. Please contact us to discuss.

Testing and collection

Given our location at The Tunnel range complex, there are lots of opportunities for demos and testing of the rifles. If you are interested in purchasing a t2 rifle, there will be demo versions available to shoot at The Tunnel (centre-fire calibres for HOA club members only). All site visits are subject to prevailing Covid-19 restrictions; the site is currently closed.

If you choose to collect your rifle from The Tunnel, two hours of range time will be included for you to play with your rifle and zero any optics. For the enthusiast, build workshops will be available with our in-house armourer, enabling you to come down and learn how to build the rifle, with your components that have been proofed in advance, ready for you to take home.