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The Rifles



Receiver set

Upper and Lower Receivers are bespoke items, designed and manufactured by t2 in the UK from billet T6 aluminium. All lower receivers are identical, and can be interchanged between uppers having been designed to fit rimfire and STANAG magazines. Upper receivers are available either in semi-auto configuration or with factory ejection port extension for the side-charge handle (included with all centre-fire rifles). Receiver sets are 'milspec' dimension so are interchangeable with other milspec receivers.




Handguards are bespoke to t2 rifles and have been designed in tandem with the upper receiver to give a flush fit and smooth design with no mismatched angles or materials, also from billet T6 aluminium. Features full length picatinny top rail and M-LOK on three sides.




All barrels are made in the UK in chrome moly steel as standard, with the option to upgrade to stainless steel on request.  .22WMR barrels are supplied at 12.5" with options for 14.5", 9mm are supplied at 15" as standard, and .223 barrels are supplied at 18" as standard.

Custom lengths and coatings can be supplied on request.


Bolts are designed and made by t2 in the UK to fit standard AR15 upper receivers. The .22WMR bolt is based on the design of a standard AR15 bolt but adapted for blowback operation without the rotating head. This means that it fits in a standard upper receiver and uses the standard buffer tube and spring, but with a dedicated buffer.

Furniture and coating

Rifles are supplied as standard with Magpul pistol grip and stock, mil-spec pins, buttons, and levers, and muzzle


Cerakote in 't2 Grey' as standard.


All rifles are supplied in clamshell plastic cases to protect your rifle at no additional cost.

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